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Since the late eighties, the dominating theme in organizations and corporations has been change. The ability to handle and face change at a faster pace. Both employers and employees feel this and are often troubled by it. It is unrealistic and short-sighted to think that fast changes can take place without taking the individual aspects into account. That will only create larger costs for people getting ill and burned out.


The companies and organizations that will do best in the future are those who succeed to create a relearning culture were human needs is taken in as an asset. If the people in a company are not in balance and not experiencing meaningfulness, the company is vulnerable in times of change. These insights inspire today many people in the corporate world to seek new ways to handle change.


My first job as a consultant for a big company was 1998. Since I had been involved in personal development and transformation for two decades, it was only natural that it was staff managers asking for my services. The governing idea in my work is the art of creating quality meetings between people. The ability to meet people empowers you in different situations like private talks, during crises or conflicts and when facing fast changes. The art of meeting people is more than just another way to communicate or to coach. It is the art to create a quality presence that will be a fertile soil for people and organizations to grow in. It will also reveal the possibilities, competence, and resources already present in a company. Future leaders promote personal growth as a base for leadership. Inner leadership is a foundation for outer leadership.


Services that I offer in organizations and corporations:

The Art of the Good Meeting. One day seminar for bigger or smaller groups.

Mentorship for people in leading positions. It is often important for the development of an inner leadership to have some outside person to talk to. Someone who is not a part of the staff. A mentor is a person that, because of experience, can support also the outer leadership. Someone to inspire greater self-esteem and self-awareness.

Supervision in groups who face great changes or crisis. To avoid misunderstandings between people and to go faster to decisions and agreements.

Creation of a useful vision and common ethics. Many times decisive to get co-workers to work aligned with each other.

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