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- Spiritual Purification Estonia in August 2019

In spring 1981 I started my business INTUITION-BW. In 1986 I became a full-time breathworker and co-created (with psychologist Lena Kristina Tuulse) the first training in Sweden for breathworkers. 20 years later more than a thousand students have taken part in this appreciated education program. Since then I lived only from the income of my business and has spent my time integrating breathwork, inner and outer leadership and the art of creative encounter into our culture. Apart from giving numerous courses, I've done private consultations, lectures and worked with the development of organizations and corporations.


The purpose of my work is:


- To spread the knowledge and experience of how the breath is connected to spirit, life-energy, libido, qi, prana or whatever you prefer to call the primal urge to exist.


- To show how this connection can be used to release physical and psychological tensions, enhance health and promote quality in life.


- To spread the knowledge and experience of a creative encounter culture that can be used for everything from couple relationship to development for corporations and organizations.

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